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✓ Free for 3 team members ✓ No credit card required

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Candidate Experience Software- Simplified

Discover what candidates really think

Collect Candidate Experience Feedback

Voice is a straightforward survey tool that sends regular emails to candidates for feedback on the hiring process. Voice uncomplicates the process by focusing on 3 core questions.

Track and Measure the ROI of Your Efforts

Receive real-time feedback on your hiring process to discover and resolve candidate experience issues. With regular survey intervals, track the impact of investments in the talent and hiring process over time. 

Share It With the World

Validate your organization as an employer of choice by sharing your quality of experience score! Our embeddable widgets allow you to showcase your score wherever your candidates are engaging with you: career sites, microsites, the possibilities are endless.

Why Voice?


Add custom questions, upload logos and branding to create a seamless experience. 


Transparent pricing - no demos required. Get started today, or contact our team if you’d like to chat. Cancel your subscription anytime. 

Embeddable Widgets

Share your ratings anywhere candidates are engaging with you. Career site, employee or alumni referral pages, and more. 

Reports + Analytics

Get a real-time overview of your experience score and the latest feedback in your dashboard. Or, export the data to use in any way you choose.


Easy connections with (almost) any ATS to minimize friction during setup.

Connect to 3,000+ apps

Integrated with Zapier, you can connect Joyful Squad to your favourite internal HR and data apps.

Happiness Summaries

Your leaders can get a regular summary by email of your happiness scores, feedback and more.


Choose your time zones, sending times, frequencies and upload your own branding to customise your experience.

One Simple Survey

No tech expertise, software or analytics tools required. Regular emails are sent to your candidates requesting that they fill out a short survey. 

We’re deliberately different

What It Costs


For up to 5,000 monthly applicants 


For up to 15,000 monthly applicants

Higher volume?

Why It Matters

Candidate experience is often the first impression job seekers have with your organization.  Bad candidate experience increases recruitment costs, can lead potential employees to withdraw from the process, write poor reviews, and can even hinder your DEI efforts.  Hear more of our thoughts on candidate experience in our podcast episode.

Why We Did This

As a recruitment marketing agency, we’re at the forefront of helping to connect talent with future opportunity.  We firmly believe candidate experience is crucial to talent acquisition strategy and want to make an assessment tool available at scale to organizations of all sizes.  We believe budget should not be a barrier to any organization on a mission to improve their candidate journey.

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